How to Pick Your Perfect Prom Dress!

Prom is one of the most important nights of your life. So of course, you want to look as fabulous as you can! Here are some 100% quality false eyelash to make sure you are at your most beautiful….

100% quality false eyelash
100% quality false eyelash

1. Search Early Ffsta start looking for a prom dress at least 4-6 weeks before your prom. You may want to start by searching the internet to get an idea of available styles, price ranges and colors. This will help ensure that you get a chance to browse, see everything that’s available and will help in the event that your dress has to be ordered and/or altered. That said, don’t have your dress altered too far in advance in case your weight fluctuates.

2. Budget – Figure out how much you (or your parents) are willing to pay for a prom dress so that you can shop accordingly. If necessary, check with the store at which you’re shopping to see if they do an installment or layaway plan.

3. Hair & Makeup – When you’re out looking, wear your hair and 100% quality false eyelash similar to what you’re planning on for prom so that you can get an idea of how the whole look is going to come together. As well, you may find a dress that just begs for an up-do when you had planned on wearing your hair down.. so keep an open mind!

4. Under Where? – Wear the proper undergarments – make sure you’re wearing the bra, underwear and hosiery you’re thinking about wearing so that you can see how the dress is going to fit. If you’re really not positive what style you’re looking for, you may want to wear a bra that’s adjustable from strappy to strapless.

5. Style – Assess which styles are most flattering to your body type, and determine which colors are most flattering to your skin tone. Take a trusted friend to get an honest opinion.

6. Variety – Even if you have a really definite idea of your dream dress, try on a variety of dresses to compare. Don’t just stand in front of the 100% quality false eyelash…. sit in the dress, try a few dance moves.. make sure that the dress is going to be comfortable for you as well as make you look smokin’ hot! Check out the fabric to make sure that it flows, looks good on you and that it doesn’t turn into one giant wrinkle the first time you sit down!

7. Accessorize! – If you have certain accessories that you just MUST wear, bring them with you. If you buy your shoes and accessories after the fact, try on the whole ensemble to make sure it “works” well in advance of your big night. Make sure that your shoes, earrings and other accessories are going to be comfortable all night and that they look great with your dress!

100% quality false eyelash
100% quality false eyelash

8. Getting ready – Depending on the dress you’ve chosen and how you’re planning on wearing your hair, determine whether you should do your hair and 100% quality false eyelash first, THEN put on your dress.. or put on the dress (making sure to cover up with a sheet or smock) and then do hair and makeup. Nothing worse than putting on your dress and discovering you smeared makeup on it! Yikes! (Also note.. test out your deodorant in advance by wearing it with a black top or tee if you’re wearing something sleeveless or strapless. Big white marks.. not so hot!)

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