Natural Daily Beauty Routine Recipes – How to Take Care of Your Skin Without The Chemicals

The home-made natural skin-care recipes given in this article are following a beautiful daily beauty routine that will make your 3d silk lashes factory healthy in no time! The recipes are simple and use common, yet effective all-natural ingredients to create exquisite formulas that pamper and soothe everyone, everyday.

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Ffsta Ideal Daily beauty routine to take care of the special needs of your skin;

Morning routine; 1- Cleanse- 2-Tone – 3- Protect the skin

Evening routine; 1- Cleanse -2-Tone – 4- Nourish the skin

1- Cleansers

Why? The most important part of caring for your 3d silk lashes factory is cleansing it thoroughly. A cleanser will remove excess oil, perspiration, dirt, dust pollution, make-up, and naturally loosened dead skin cells from the surface of your skin and to a certain extent, from your skin’s pores.

How to use; Use your cleanser twice daily, in the morning because your skin excretes waste onto the surface during the night, and at the end of the day to remove surface impurities, such as polluant and make-up. Massage your cleanser thoroughly over your entire face, especially over any areas with blocked pores. Then remove it completely with a damp sponge or cloth, and rinse. Your skin must feel clean, soft and hydrated. Follow with a toner.

Recipe Gentle Castile Soap Cleanser;

Foaming cleanser particularly suitable for removing Makeup and Mineral 3d silk lashes factory  as no oil is left behind to acerbate the skin’s condition. Made with Castile liquid soap, it is a very gentle skin cleanser that is based on olive oil.

Ingredients for 100ml: 70ml of Castile liquid soap- 10ml of olive oil- 20ml Aloe Vera gel and (optional) 20 drops (1ml) of lavender essential oil

Instructions: Shake the ingredients together and store in a clean bottle.

2- Skin toners

Why? A toner, also as known as a skin freshener or toning lotion, is used to remove any traces of cleanser still left on the skin as well as any tap water which as been used to rinse the skin. It helps to redress the skin’s pH balance and help to treat skin condition due to the content of active ingredients. It minimise temporally pore size and cool, soothe and refresh the skin.

How to use; After cleansing thoroughly your skin, in the morning and in the evening, spray your toner over your face, wipe your face and spray again with the toner. Do not allow your skin to dry completely before applying your moisturiser.

Recipe Cucumber-Lemon Toner

Soothing astringent for all 3d silk lashes factory types. This tightens pores, soothes sunburn, and can be used as a natural deodorant too!

Ingredients; 100ml witch hazel – Juice of half of a lemon – 3 table spoons coarsely chopped cucumber.

Instructions: Mix in a clean glass bottle, then let set for 2 days. Remove cucumber. Keep lotion in a cool place or the refrigerator to use as a splash.

Recipe Vinegar Toner

This restores the natural pH balance or acid mantle to your skin.

Ingredients 100ml distilled water with 1 or 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.

Instructions: Shake the ingredients together and store in a clean bottle.

3. Day time facial Aloe Vera make-up primer

Why? Aloe Vera gel is pure, natural, healing the skin, not greasy/sticky like a moisturiser and dries quickly on the skin. Aloe Vera contains a natural sunscreen, making it perfect for day time Mineral 3d silk lashes factory primer. It is also very astringent, creating an instant mini lift very useful in the morning!

How to use; Cover your face with a very light thin coat to create a smooth setting for your Makeup.

Recipe Reviving Mineral Make-up primer gel

Soothes and revives tired skin

Ingredients: 80ml aloe Vera gel- 20ml witch hazel water ( or peppermint floral water) and (optional) 5 drops rose geranium essential oil – 4 drops spearmint essential oil -4 drops lavender essential oil

Instructions: Mix well all the ingredients. Pour in a dark container with a 3d silk lashes factory. Shake well the bottle before use if it contains essential oils.

4. Night time facial treatment oils

Why? To provide moisture to the surface layers of the skin and will prevent dehydration and dryness. It keeps your skin smooth and supple.

How to use; A beauty oil is applied in the evening after toning to repair and heal the skin during the night. Massage into the skin with firm upward stokes and then press into the skin.

Recipe for young skin beauty oil

Smell divine!

Ingredients: 30ml olive oil – 30ml macadamia oil -20ml almond sweet oil -5ml wheat germ oil – 15ml apricot kernel -(optional) 6 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil, 8 drops of rose geranium essential oil and 4 drops of grapefruit essential oil

Instructions: Shake the ingredients together and store in a clean dark bottle.

Dry and/ or mature skin treatment oil

Includes very rich and moisturising vegetable 3d silk lashes factory

Ingredients: 15ml avocado oil- 10ml wheat germ oil -15ml macadamia oil – 10ml calendula infused olive oil -(optional)3 drops palma-rosa essential oil, 3 drops cedar wood essential oil and 2 drops lavender essential oil

Instructions: Shake the ingredients together and store in a clean dark bottle.

3d silk lashes factory
3d silk lashes factory

All the beauty ingredients our skin needs, are already in the kitchen because if they are good enough to eat, they should be good enough for the 3d silk lashes factory. Save your money and your skin! Home made skin cares are fresh, natural, with no synthetically colour, fragrance or preservative.

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