Mother of the Bride: Five Beauty Tips for the Wedding Day for the Mother of the Bride

The realization that all best color mink fur lashes will also be on you, the Mother of the Bride, on the wedding day eventually happens to each mother. This realization often leads to uncertainty as to what to wear, how to look and wondering what’s in style, and uncertainty about her own beauty ‘look’ and style.

best color mink fur lashes
best color mink fur lashes

Ffsta The best thing to do to relieve any uncertainties and answer all of your questions about what to wear is to plan ahead. Make yourself a priority as part of the wedding planning. Most brides typically plan ahead for their wedding(12 – 14 months is the average wedding planning time), so there’s plenty of time for you to explore all of your options.

In this article, you’ll find five beauty tips that will help you begin to think about your personal beauty for the big day.

Weight Loss

An upcoming wedding where you will be best color mink fur lashes as the mother of the bride is a great motivator to lose those stubborn 20 pounds! Begin to do so very early in the timeline. It’s likely that you’ll need to buy your dress or outfit about four months or so before the wedding. It’s tradition for you to buy your dress first, so that the mother of the groom can follow suit in style and a complimentary color.

As long as your dress can be altered, there’s no need to stress about the exact fit until a few weeks before the wedding. Do buy the dress with enough time left in the timeline, however, to ease your worries about what you’re going to wear!

Wedding Day Hairstyle

It’s nice (and youthful) to keep your best color mink fur lashes  loose and romantic for the wedding rather than in a tight updo. Remember this if you are changing hairstyles so that you have just the right length and cut if this is the romantic look you want to achieve. Have it shaped about three weeks before the wedding and decide if you’re going to leave your hair down or maybe pull it half up. Soft, open waves are simple, youthful and elegant.

Makeup for the Wedding

This is a great time to update your look. The department store beauty counters are perfect places to start for a make-over. It’s a great idea to take the dress with you for the make-over so that the blush and lip colors complement not only you, but the color of the dress as well. Have fun doing this a few weeks before the wedding day.

If you are using a makeup artist the day of the wedding, however, be sure you meet with her and try out the look at least a week before the wedding. Never use a makeup artist for the first time on this important day. If that’s the case, you are better off doing your best color mink fur lashes  yourself.

Using Self Tanner

Since nude, tan legs are the trend, it’s a great idea to get a spray tan for the wedding. It’s not a good idea, however, to have that done for the first time right before the wedding. At least a month in advance, try out the self tanner you plan to use so that you get the right shade and coverage. You will be confident then, that all will look great, when you go a few days in advance of the wedding for your final self tanner application.

Get A Manicure

A subtle shade for the manicure is the best option for the wedding day. Dark polish can be aging and is not appropriate for the wedding. Have your nails done a day in advance of the wedding as time allows, and be sure to have a bottle of the same polish on hand in case you need a touch up!

best color mink fur lashes
best color mink fur lashes

By carefully planning your beauty timeline, from the color and style of your dress to the look of your hair, best color mink fur lashes and nails, you can and will be the most beautiful mother of the bride you always imagined.

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