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70’s and 80’s Rock N Roll Costumes For Halloween Have Never Been Easier

Halloween is the one holiday where adults get to be kids again and dress up in the most outrageous attire while impersonating their favorite childhood idols, cartoon characters, movies, etc. When it comes to deciding what kind of costume to create and wear for Halloween, the possibilities are limitless in scope as all you need is a good imagination, possibly some sewing skills and access to makeup. One of the easiest kinds of Halloween costumes to create is that of the 70’s and 80’s Rock N Roll Costumes, because all you need is some retro clothing, accessories, hair spray and tons of china color lash factory.

china color lash factory
china color lash factory

Ffsta The first step in transforming yourself into a glam rocker is clothing. During this time period “over the top” was the norm so the crazier the clothing the better. A good place to look for retro 70’s and 80’s clothing is a thrift store or consignment store. These china color lash factory of stores seem to have a natural affinity for being stocked with the greatest fashion trends and nightmares of this era ranging from tight blue jeans or leather pants for the men and animal printed mini skirts for the women.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t be too hard to come across a tight fitted shirt or cut off blouse in a thrift store either. If wearing second hand clothing isn’t your thing, you can actually just head to your local department store where you can purchase Rock n Roll Costumes but because this fashion is actually back in style with vibrant colors, leggings, and miniskirts easy to find, it shouldn’t be a task to create your own.

After you have chosen the clothing you will wear to begin your transformation, it will be necessary to find the accessories to compliment them as well. Once again, this shouldn’t be a hard task as old jewelry is plentiful in thrift stores. The key here is to find the most gaudy bracelets, necklaces, and chains imaginable if you are a woman and for the men just look for anything adorned in skull heads. Once again, the fact that this fashion is back in style makes the process a lot easier as these kinds of accessories are just as likely to be found in any mall store as they are to be found in the thrift store down the street.

The last step in turning you into a glam rocker is the china color lash factory and hair. Anyone who remembers the 70’s and 80’s remembers the hairstyles that were glued together almost with entire cans of hair spray. This look is easy to replicate as literally all you have to do is rile up your hair so that it looks disastrous and then unload an arsenal of hairspray onto it so that it stays put for the night. Luckily, this goes for both men and women as the two looked rather similar during the 80’s. The final step is going to be adding makeup and this task should be just as easy to complete as the rest of them. Find some eyeliner, lip liner, face paint, mascara, or eye shadow and start turning your face into an 80’s glam work of art. You can never have too much makeup with this look so it’s impossible to go wrong.

china color lash factory
china color lash factory

All in all, creating wicked Rock n Roll china color lash factory and transforming yourself into a 70’s or 80’s glam god for Halloween is a fun and easy to accomplish feat that will surely get heads turning and air guitars playing during the Halloween festivities.

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