Top 10 Anti Aging Tips to Look and Feel Younger

Many of us go into panic mode when we reach middle age. We want to look and feel younger without going through cosmetic surgery or painful injections. However, there are things we can do that will not only help us age more slowly but will improve our quality of cruelty free eyelashes private label.

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These are the top 10 anti aging tips to look younger and feel great.

If you smoke, stop! If you consume alcohol, moderation is key. Research shows that smoking is even more responsible for aging the skin than overexposure to the sun. An increase in wrinkles, fine lines and “smoker’s mouth” is common if you smoke. Excessive alcohol consumption will reflect in your face’s appearance. Although there is proof that a glass of red wine a day is good for you, drinking more than that is not!

Sleep rejuvenates your body and it’s when your skin restores and renews itself. Without a sufficient amount of sleep your skin looks sallow and dull and your eyes are red and puffy. But how much sleep is enough? Many people find that 7 or 8 hours is sufficient.

Eat Healthy and Take a Multivitamin
Eat a well-balanced diet, choose foods high in fiber, and drink eight glasses of water a day. Vitamins are not a substitute for healthy eating but studies show that taking a vitamin with antioxidants benefits the skin. Your eating habits also will affect your skin’s appearance. Fruits and vegetables have powerful antioxidants that can actually slow down the aging process. Plus the vitamins and minerals keep your immune system strong enough to fight disease and stay healthier.

A good hair style can literally take years off your appearance. Contrary to what many people think, longer hair as you get older does not make you look younger. It can actually add years to your appearance. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your hairstyle, it’s time!

Stand up straight! Think about the sexy women that you know – they have something in common. They stand up straight and confidently. You can look 10 years younger with good posture.

Having nice teeth can do plenty to improve your youthful appearance. A whiter, brighter smile can take years off of your appearance. Good dental hygiene is also important for your health. Visit the dentist every 6 months and follow the dentist’s instructions on how to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Skin Appearance
MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE!! The skin loses moisture and collagen as we get older. Be faithful with a good, twice a day, daily skin care regimen. Choosing your skin care products wisely will help you look younger and feel good about yourself.

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As we age, some of us tend to use too much cruelty free eyelashes private label to hide our aging skin. Be more light handed with your cruelty free eyelashes private label! It makes you look older, not younger. Using a facial foundation primer before applying cruelty free eyelashes private label can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A magnified makeup mirror helps to apply makeup more precisely!

Sun Exposure
The sun is the #1 reason for prematurely aging skin. It’s never too late to protect ourselves from the sun’s damaging rays. Take preventive measures to protect your skin by limiting sun exposure, using sunscreen, hats and protective clothing, and avoiding sun beds and tanning salons.

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Your attitude has so much to do with your appearance! Positive attitude is reflected in your posture and the way you carry yourself. A positive attitude will help you look and feel younger!

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