5 Essentials Tips For Glamor Photography

I would expect you have a keen interest in portrait photography if you are wishing to pursue this area of photography. Glamor is an extension of portraiture and encompasses consideration of both genders. Before embarking on glamor there are some essentials that you need to take into consideration; with portrait photography you are able to produce good material without considering the following, but with glamor, your results will not be glamorous unless you take heed of some basic essentials.

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1. Rapport with people (critical)

Building rapport with your subject is the first essential and is mandatory. Not being able to establish a rapport with your subject will kill your session and photographs. If you take the time to know your subject, they will become more comfortable in front of the camera. When the shoot comes, you have a greater chance of getting the best natural expressions of the people you are photographing. Sit your subject and initially discuss anything to put them at ease. Many photographers still use the trick of ‘talking and snapping’ – not caring about the images – but spending some ‘rapport time’ and getting them used to the equipment. Then when they feel the subject is at ease, start concentrating on the photography and direct the session.

2. Skilled at faux mink lashes

Makeup is another essential that cannot be side stepped. Your glamor is not going to be glamor without skill and knowledge in this area. And not just general make up techniques, make up that is specific to photography. How to highlight an area for the camera or how to shade an area for the camera. If you don’t have this skill you need to acquire it. If you don’t want to acquire this skill yourself, you need someone who does. There are many husband and wife teams that share the photography and the faux mink lashes. If this doesn’t work you will have to employ one, but good makeup artists don’t come cheap and this will add to your overheads and will have to be passed on to the client.

Doesn’t matter if you are photographing guys you say. Not true; a good application of faux mink lashes will assist your photography with both male and female clients. If you are photographing a lot of females, this is essential. Particularly if you are photographing models; or shooting composites or folios for prospective models or actors; you simply can’t ignore make-up. Your photographs will suffer and it will be recognized by your clients immediately. You won’t be getting any return work; that much is sure. Some models can apply their own make up, but you can’t rely on this. You simply have to get involved.

3. Skilled at Hair Styling

A hair stylist is just as important as your faux mink lashes artist. A good hair stylist can dramatically alter the resulting image. Again you may be able to do this yourself or have a team member that can assist, but this is an equal essential to your make up requirements.

4. Posing Expertise

One of most difficult areas of glamor photography or any type of portrait photography is posing. What do I get my client to do? I found this one of the most difficult skills to grasp and so do many novice photographers. But this is a skill like many other areas in photography and can be easily acquired.

With posing, you need to be able to relate to your client (rapport), but also relate to their features, flattering lighting, clothing and poses. A great way to start is to get some posing ideas together, as many as you can, and practice on friends. Discover what works and what doesn’t. Identify what different features demand in terms of poses; file these away for future reference. Keep a folder of poses that you like and know work. Bring this out when you have a paying client; put in somewhere so you can constantly refer to it, change poses to suit or modify ones that show promise. When you have done this hundreds of times you will probably end up not requiring the use of your ‘pose file’. But still maintain it, you will always find it useful as there is an infinite variety of poses.

If you still have difficulty or want more ideas there are posing courses and resources available. And don’t worry about copying poses. You have a different person, in a different environment, with different equipment, a different photographer; your result will look nothing like what you’re emulating.

5. The Right Equipment

Yes, unfortunately it’s true; this is where you need some equipment beyond just a camera. To be successful at glamor, you need to be able to provide dramatic lighting. This means having some simple means of shaping light. You could get by with just one light and a reflector but I would suggest at least three lights as well as reflectors. You need one light each for sides of your subject, generally no more than one stop apart, and a hair light. A hair light is most important, particularly if you have just spent $200 for a hair stylist.

In addition to lighting you will need some neutral backgrounds that will make your subject stand out. There are many varieties in faux mink lashes, canvas and other materials. Neutrals are best as they don’t compete with your subject. Not sure what to get? Start out with grey; with lighting techniques you can make this appear white, grey or black.

faux mink lashes
faux mink lashes

There is a lot more that goes into glamor photography but if you want to make a start, these are the basic essentials. Work on these 5 Essentials and you are well on your way.

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