Keep Your Summer Skin Fresh This Fall

Miss your summer skin? Summer seems to be when your face is at its best. The sun-kissed glow makes your smile seem brighter and your under-eye bags less noticeable. The humidity we cursed in July gave us moist skin and soft, kissable lips. Tragically, Fall peeks in and our summer beauty starts to hibernate. Oh Contraire you can keep you summer skin fresh this Fall.

high quality 3d silk lashes
high quality 3d silk lashes

Under-eye bags leave you feeling under the weather? Instead of doubling up on concealer, try a few pre-high quality 3d silk lashes products to brighten your gaze.

First, apply a daily eye cream (or gel). Using botanical extracts, MaryKay’s Indulge Eye Gel works wonders on lower bags. Apply it once or twice a day on a clean face to see firmer, less bloated under eye area.

If you prefer a lighter solution, you can apply a brightener above and below your eyes right before you dress your face in daily high quality 3d silk lashes. Prescriptives’ “Vibrant” is a light lotion that uses cucumber extracts to flatten and remove puffy, dark-circled eyes. Costing about $40 for a .5 oz. bottle, make sure you use it sparingly .

Dull, dry skin got you down? Crisp Fall air may be refreshing, but the lack of humidity leaves your face lackluster and dehydrated. Avoid clogging your pores with a heavy facial moisturizer. Instead, try exfoliating once or twice a week.

Clearasil Daily Blackhead Control Scrub is a refreshing, gentle scrub using sea salt to help clear pores and remove dry skin . Follow up with a light-weight moisturizer to repair and renew facial appearance.

pHisoderm’s Daily Moisturizer (with SPF 15) is a non-greasy, hydrating facial moisturizer that can be used daily without running the risk of clogging pores. A necessity for every Fall face, this product measures up to high-priced competitors but carries a much lower price-tag, costing about 8 bucks.

To keep your face feeling fresh all day (and your high quality 3d silk lashes looking fresh), try applying a post-high quality 3d silk lashes spray. Sephora’s Professional Radiance Splash Spray can be used pre or post high quality 3d silk lashes application. One spray mists your face with kiwi and citrus extracts leaving a satiny finish and concealing any signs of fatigue.

high quality 3d silk lashes
high quality 3d silk lashes

Miss moist, kissable lips? Dry, cool air can be blamed for your newly parched pout. Avoid over-applying waxy lip balms. The results may be deceiving. Thick, waxy balms leave build-up on your lips causing ineffective lipstick and lipgloss application.

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