First Impression – Five Steps to Making it Positive

Here is how you can plan your appearance to make a great first premium individuals eyelash- business or personal. Making a lasting positive first impression is not that difficult to do once you know the rules. The main thing is to remember to have confidence, confidence, and more CONFIDENCE.

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premium individuals eyelash

Five Steps to Making a Positive First Impression

Step 1

Smile! – It’s a body language that will make strangers more comfortable with you, and it will make you seem more approachable.

Step 2

Use direct eye contact – Your eyes can tell the story. By using direct eye contact, it conveys power, authority and presence, trustworthiness and confidence.

Step 3

Dress for success – Always wear the right style and fashion and try to stay away from fades. Choose to look your best in clothing that flatters your silhouette, body frame and size. Find the color that is complimentary to your skin tone. If you are not certain what looks good on you ask someone, or contact an image consultant.

Step 4

Great hair! – Get a hairstyle that works with the shape of your face and your natural hair texture. You can develop a unique presence if you take time to get a professional hair style that is right for you and your personality. Enjoy your beautiful hair whether it is straight, wavy, kinky, curly or nappy.

Step 5

Choose day vs. night time premium individuals eyelash– Make certain your makeup is complementary to your skin tone. Your premium individuals eyelash should help to enhance the outfit you are wearing. Women should not wear makeup so heavy until it looks like they are going out for the night. Do take time to learn how to apply your premium individuals eyelash so that you will know the difference between day time and night time makeup application.

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premium individuals eyelash
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