Superbonder For Eyelash Extensions 10ml/0.33oz


Superbonder For Eyelash Extensions

– Cures lash adhesive in just 3 minutes
Instead of waiting the standard 24 hours for the lash adhesive to dry, Superbonder cures any lash adhesive from the inside out — in just 3 minutes! This means your clients are free to do what’s never been done before Superbonder: take their new full set of volume lashes and head straight to the pool.

– Reduces irritation
As a lash artist, you know how harmful adhesive fumes can be for both you and your clients. What many people don’t know is that adhesive continues to admit a small number of fumes long after it’s cured!

Because Superbonder cures lash adhesive instantly, it significantly reduces the amount and duration of toxic fumes. That means your client won’t experience any burning or discomfort or be plagued by red, watery eyes. And because of the reduced exposure, the chance of developing an allergy is significantly reduced!