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Warning! Dangerously Big cheap natural mink lash Ahead! Introducing Rimmel’s New Scandal Eyes Mascara!

Big cheap natural mink lash have definitively been a staple this winter, being seen all across the fashion runways and sported by the hottest celebrities but is there a mascara that will guarantee big cheap natural mink lash on every application without fail? Well Rimmel seems to think so with the introduction of their new Scandal Eyes Mascara. Want to know if it’s worth the money? If your cheap natural mink lash will look 50% longer or if it just another mascara which fails to live up to the hype. Then read on and check out our review of Rimmel’s New Scandal Eyes Mascara, helping you decided whether this is the mascara for your big eyelash needs.

cheap natural mink lash
cheap natural mink lash

What is Rimmel’s New Scandal Eyes Mascara?

Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes Mascara is a eyelash solution which aims to increase the appearance of density and length to your cheap natural mink lash for a defined lash finish. It has a 30% wider brush compared to other mascara applicators which captures more cheap natural mink lash, coating them and providing an even finish which is clump free. It contains triple collagen and a keratin formula which shapes and plumps the thinnest cheap natural mink lash, helping to display your natural eyes in their best condition.

What are the advantages of this mascara?

It has a wide bristle applicator brush which allows you to lengthen more cheap natural mink lash in a shorter period of time as well as increasing the density and length of cheap natural mink lash smoothly without clumps. This allows you to get near perfect definition when applying your mascara which other mascara’s cannot achieve. With a keratin based formula this mascara also enables you to strengthen your cheap natural mink lash rather than weaken them, helping your achieve dangerously longer cheap natural mink lash time after time. The design of this mascara is also a positive as it is compact and can easily fit into your bag or purse with the applicator brush being easy to hold and control. Its bright coloured casing also makes it easy to identify even in the darkest of places. Additionally the thin consistency of the mascara solution means that it can be easily removed without having to unnecessarily irritate your eyes.

Are there any disadvantages?

cheap natural mink lash
cheap natural mink lash

Even though there is a 30% wider brush compared to other mascaras the brush itself is not soft and so is not as kind to your cheap natural mink lash as other mascara brushes. Additionally the mascara solution is quite thin which means that you would have to apply this solution to your cheap natural mink lash over and over again in order to achieve the dangerously big eye cheap natural mink lash which you may desire.


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